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6" BB Cake Box (Pk 175)

6" BB Cake Box (Pk 175)

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The 6" BB Cake Box (Pack of 175) is the perfect solution for packaging and presenting your delectable cakes with professionalism and style. Crafted from premium-quality, food-grade materials, these boxes are designed to provide maximum protection and support for your delicate creations while ensuring they look as good as they taste.

With a compact 6-inch diameter, these boxes are ideal for smaller cakes, cupcakes, pastries, or other baked goods, allowing for a snug fit without any wasted space. The classic design features a clean white exterior, providing a versatile canvas for personalization with labels, stickers, or custom branding to suit your business or event.

The pack includes 175 units, offering excellent value for businesses with regular cake orders or for stocking up in preparation for busy periods, celebrations, or special occasions. Whether you're a professional baker, running a bakery or café, or simply enjoying baking at home, the 6" BB Cake Box is a reliable choice to ensure your creations are presented beautifully and securely, ready to impress your customers, guests, or loved ones.
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